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What is a personalized funeral service?

A personalized funeral service isn't just about honoring your loved one's individuality, it allows family and friends to feel connected to the services and the life being honored. It gives families a chance to add special touches to the service in ways that remind them of their loved ones as they say their final goodbyes.

Larkin & Garcia Funeral Care will work closely with you and your family to get to know your loved one's life story, so we can make their services as personal as possible.

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Life Tribute Videos

We'll create a one-of-a-kind Tribute Video by combining family photographs, music of your choice, and professional effects to share your loved one's special journey during the service. This video also is available as a DVD and meaningful keepsake after the ceremony is over.

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Personalized Stationery

Our high-quality stationery sets have more than 500 themes you can choose from to honor your loved one. You can view our collection online or we can help you find the perfect theme during our arrangement conference.

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Keepsake Candles

Honor your loved one with these personalized glass candles. We'll customize your candle so you can take it home and have a little bit of warmth and light in your time of grief. They are a beautiful keepsake that can be displayed for years to come.

Ideas for a Meaningful and Personalized Funeral Service

We all want to do what we can to honor their memory and help their loved ones through the grieving process. One way to do this is by arranging a personalized funeral service. This doesn't have to be difficult or expensive; in fact, there are many simple ways to make a funeral more meaningful and memorable. Let us provide you with some wonderful ideas for creating a personalized funeral service that reflects the life of your loved one.


What makes a good funeral service?

 A good funeral service is one that is personalized to reflect the life of your loved one. It should be meaningful to both you and your family. A good funeral may be one that the family can look back on and say the person being honored would approve of. The service will most likely bring back memories of the departed and put everyone in attendance on the road to recovery. A good funeral is one that leaves you with the feeling that it honored the deceased's unique life and was worthy of their memory when it's over.


Even if you have chosen cremation as your final disposition, you can still hold a personalized funeral or memorial service. In fact, organizing a cremation memorial ceremony gives you more options than planning an in-ground burial. In most cases, traditional in-ground burial necessitates a specific duration for the funeral. You don't have that constraint with a memorial service. That isn't to suggest that both a funeral and a memorial service aren't possible, but most people choose one or the other.


The most important thing to remember when pre-planning a funeral or memorial ceremony is that you can include whatever components you consider important. That's OK if it means incorporating traditional religious elements alongside secular ones. It will undoubtedly be "A Good Funeral" if the service is personalized and respectful.


Ideas for a Meaningful and Personalized Funeral Service

The following are some ideas to make a personalized funeral service:

  1. Get a unique casket or urn.
    There are many places where you can find a personalized urn or casket. You can even have one made specifically for your loved one. This is a great way to make the funeral service more personal. If you are looking for a unique casket, you may want to consider searching online or visiting a local funeral home. There are many companies that specialize in personalized caskets and urns.
  2. Choose meaningful flowers and scented candles.
    The flowers you choose for the funeral service can be very personal. You may want to choose a favorite flower of the deceased or a type of flower that has a special meaning. Scented candles can also be used to add a personal touch to the service. Choose a scent that was loved by the deceased or one that reminds you of them.
  3. Display your loved one's personal belongings.
    Displaying personal items is another method for personalized funeral service. Consider their interests and hobbies. Was there a favorite sports team among them? What's your favorite season? You can let others in attendance realize what your loved one treasured in life by exhibiting personal objects.
  4. Show a tribute video and create online memorials.
    A personalized funeral service can also be created by incorporating multimedia. Tribute videos are a beautiful way to remember your loved one while sharing memories with others. You can also create an online memorial where people can post stories and pictures. This is a great way to keep the memory of your loved one alive.
  5. Customized the readings and music.
    You may want to talk with your celebrant first about personalizing the readings and music.  If you have a favorite reading or poem, this can be incorporated into the service. The same goes for music. If there is a particular song that was special to your loved one, this can be played during the service.
  6. Take a moment of silence.
    During the service, you may want to take a moment of silence to reflect on your loved one. This can be a very powerful moment for everyone in attendance.
  7. Show a photo memorial board.
    To exhibit on a memory board, gather photos that showcase your loved one's life—think of photos from different stages of life, important milestones, or photos with each member of your family. This can also be used to bring family members together prior to services to share memories and experiences to cope with grief
  8. A more personal eulogy and obituary.
    Your eulogy should be personalized to reflect your loved one's life, values, and personality. You may want to write your own eulogy, or you can ask a close friend or family member to do so. The obituary is another way to share information about your loved one's life and accomplishments.
  9. A new guest book.
    Guest books are a terrific way to keep track of who came to the funeral, but how frequently do people go back through the list of names? Instead of a typical guestbook, have attendees sign a signature picture frame that contains a photo of your loved one and write a personal statement on it. This will be a calming piece of artwork that your family may enjoy for many years.
  10. Offer your loved one's favorite food and drinks.
    If you want to add a personal touch to the funeral service, offer your loved one's favorite food and drinks. This will help guests feel closer to your loved one and may even start some great conversations.


Personalizing the funeral service is a great way to make it more meaningful. By incorporating elements that were important to your loved ones, you can create a service that truly celebrates their life. Get in touch with Larkin & Garcia Funeral Care by calling us at (913) 371-7000, we can help you with personalizing your funeral and cremation service.

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