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We are a locally owned and operated business, known for providing the best in funeral services and products in Overland Park, KS and the surrounding areas. At Larkin & Garcia Funeral Care we provide a full range of services including burial, cremation, entombment, or body donation. Our goal is to lessen the burden on your family so that you can focus on celebrating your loved one's life and beginning your grief journey. We are dedicated to providing high-quality funeral services to all families that we serve. We are fair and serve all families in the manner we would wish to be served. Our facility is equipped to provide you and your family only the very best and we invite you to explore all that we have to offer. Call us today at (913) 371-7000.



Selecting the provider who can meet your needs when it comes to services such as a funeral home and cremations in Overland Park, KS, is a decision that you actually do have time to make. It is important that you find professionals who you feel you can trust to handle your loved one with great respect and competent care. One way to find experienced funeral professionals is to choose a full-service funeral home. This type of facility offers a wide range of services and can handle the coordination and completion of all of your required services.


Design Individualized Services Around Funeral Home and Cremations in Overland Park, KS

Overland Park, KS Funeral Home And CremationsAt Larkin & Garcia Funeral Care, we keenly understand that your loved one should be cared for and honored for the individual life they led. With this in mind, we work hard to help our client families find ways to incorporate personalization into the services you select. There are so many ways this might be done in tasteful ways. Paying tribute to your departed loved one could take different forms and be just the right thing.


Traditional or non-traditional funerals provide a wonderful starting point when planning a public honoring event. Funerals offer a final goodbye in the presence of the deceased. This can support the need for closure and be a help in finding acceptance of this loss. The transition that will be needed for your and other survivors as you process this death is considerable. Think of how you might incorporate photographs, video footage, favored music, and different ways to share the distinctive aspects of your loved one and honor them well.


Another option for preparing the deceased for their final resting place is cremation. Choosing this option may offer greater flexibility in the timing of an honoring service. A memorial or celebration of life event is not typically held in the presence of the departed and could be held much later if needed. Very often, cremation is a cost-effective alternative to full casketed funeral and burial services since there are fewer services involved in the required care. Cremation can bring a broader range of possibilities to the conversation of the final placement as well. Cremated remains could be buried, scattered, or kept at home on display.


Certain products will be necessary depending on how your loved one is being prepared for final disposition. As you consider what merchandise you may need, the industry experts at Larkin & Garcia Funeral Care are fully prepared to guide you and help you find the perfect tools that are important to your process. Selecting things like caskets, urns, entombment casings, and even keepsake memorabilia are all available as needed or wanted. Different circumstances will dictate the types of merchandise that are relevant to your situation.


Choosing services surrounding a funeral home and cremations in Overland Park, KS, can also require transportation of the deceased at some point. A beautiful funeral vehicle is a fantastic option for our clients with our exclusive collection of custom funeral hearses. Choose between the new Cadillac hearse, the horse-drawn hearse, or the custom-built funeral hearse from the 1930s. As your loved one takes their final ride to the burial site, they will be honored in this unique and memorable way.


Trust Larkin & Garcia Funeral Care With Extra Special Needs

 In some cases, there is a need for long-distance transfer of the deceased remains, either to bring them into our care or to send them to their final destination. The legal process must be followed if you are connected with a situation that needs the departed individual to be transported across state lines or international borders. Our licensed directors at Larkin & Garcia Funeral Care are fully qualified and have the necessary experience to smoothly and safely handle all ship-outs and repatriation needs.


Those who have served our country in a military capacity and have had honorable discharge are likely to qualify for veteran's military funeral benefits of some kind. There are three National Cemeteries in Kansas and some cemeteries in Lawrence that have veteran sections within their burial grounds. Arranging for the final care and disposition of those who have valiantly served and sometimes given the ultimate sacrifice is an honor to be part of. We will do all we can to help your loved one have a worthy send-off.


Call to Begin Arrangements With the Best in the Area

 Making final arrangements for services like a funeral home and cremations in Overland Park, KS, is certainly not easy. Still, it can be managed with the capable support of the best funeral and cremation experts in the area. Call Larkin & Garcia Funeral Care to begin the process for immediate, upcoming, or future needs. Dial (913) 371-7000 to schedule services or an appointment to visit with us further. Our comforting facility can be toured at 1844 Minnesota Ave, Kansas City, KS 66102.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

What is a veterans service funeral?

A veterans service funeral is a type of funeral that celebrates the life and military service of a veteran. The ceremony may include elements such as a flag-folding ceremony, the presentation of medals or other tokens of appreciation, and music related to the military. Learn more about honoring veterans.


Who is eligible for Social Security Benefits?

Only the deceased person’s spouse, children, or parents are eligible for funeral social security benefits. If there is no spouse, children, or parents, then the estate may be able to receive the benefits. Learn more about Social Security Benefits.


What is a funeral hearse?

A funeral hearse is a specially designed vehicle for transporting dead bodies (the deceased) to their final resting place (in some cultures this is known as the funeral). Typically, a funeral hearse is constructed like any other vehicle, with seating for family and friends of the deceased. However, it usually has more windows than an average car to allow more light in. These windows are often stained glass or some other translucent material. Check out our exclusive hearse.

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