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The Benefits of a Full-Service Provider for Funeral Home and Cremations in Kansas City, MO


Larkin & Garcia Funeral Care is one of the best providers of funeral, cremation, and burial services in Kansas City, MO and the nearby areas. We had been a family-owned and operated business for many generations. We are committed to staying up-to-date with funeral consumers’ needs and providing them high-quality services at a reasonable price. We are dedicated to providing personalized, professional, and compassionate services to your family. We are fair and serve all families in the manner we would wish to be served. We take pride in our attention to the smallest detail and our compassion in listening and crafting your ideas into a perfect life tribute. Call us today at (913) 371-7000 for all your funeral services needs.



When someone you love has died, one of the first decisions that will need to be made will be who you will work with to lay them to rest. Even if you are planning simplified services, you will want professional services for final arrangements such as a funeral home and cremations in Kansas City, MO. Working with a funerary provider with a full panel of services means that everything you may need can be handled with that same provider. This extra layer of security to have services arranged for and provided by the same people can bring peace of mind.


Custom Touches for Uniquely Designed Funeral Home and Cremations in Kansas City, MO

Kansas City, MO Funeral Home And CremationsThis personal loss to you and others who are close to the departed will never truly stop hurting. However, grief counselors and experts widely agree that how the final arrangements are made can have a lasting impact on your healing journey after loss. With that in mind, the services must be designed to honor your loved one and support those bereaved in the wake of this difficult parting.


One format that is frequently chosen to honor a loved one who has passed is a funeral service. There is so much room for custom elements to be shared within a funeral service. Favorite music, colors, or even hobbies could be woven into the services in natural ways. Funerals are an opportunity to remember the life that has been lived. Those who are grieving also shore each other up and comfort one another through this painful time. Final goodbyes are said, and reality settles in.


One way to prepare deceased remains is via cremation. The process of cremation shifts the intact body of the deceased to its most basic elemental form. This is handled through a respectful and secure burning process. The final remains are in the form of granular ashes. The bulk of these remains are tiny fragments of bone pieces that did not fully burn. These cremated remains are securely returned to the next of kin at an agreed-upon time, most often in a funeral urn of some type.


There are several beneficial reasons that cremation may be chosen. If the family needs more time to plan services or gather, a cremation will effectively care for the time-sensitive needs of the deceased’s disposition. Memorial or life celebration services can then be designed and scheduled for a later date. Cremations also afford a level of flexibility with where the remains can be laid to rest. They could be kept close to surviving loved ones in a displayable urn. Cremated remains can also be buried or scattered.


Depending on the services that are selected, you will likely need to purchase some merchandise that will assist in the process of the chosen final arrangements. We have a nice range of applicable products in a variety of price points. Caskets for burial or rental (needed for those choosing cremation following a funeral), burial vaults, mausoleum crypts, or urns, cremation niches, and keepsakes could all be part of our conversations with you. Please be upfront about your budgetary needs, and we can help you find the perfect solutions.


As an exclusive option for our clients, we have custom hearses that can be chosen for your departed loved one’s last ride. Choose from a horse-drawn hearse, a 1932 hearse, or a new Cadillac. We love to offer these beautiful funeral vehicles to carry your loved ones to their final destination after funeral home and cremations in Kansas City, MO.


Special Circumstances Need a Trusted Hand to Guide the Process

Some situations are less common but are handled by the experts at Larkin & Garcia Funeral Care. One of those situations involves the need to transport the deceased over state lines or international borders. When someone needs to be brought to the area for funerary services and/or burial, it is handled legally through licensed professionals. There are also times when we help with the ship-outs to send deceased remains to their final destination. In both instances, we are a trusted resource to securely and compassionately care for this critical need.


Veterans are a group of people we feel such honor in helping to make arrangements for. Our professional staff has the experience and connections needed to make arrangements with the National cemeteries in Kansas and the local cemeteries that have designated veteran areas. We can help to organize the very fitting and well-deserved services your veteran is due.


Work With Us

As you begin to make the necessary plans for your loved ones’ funeral home and cremations in Kansas City, MO, please let us know how we can help you at Larkin & Garcia Funeral Care. We are located at 1844 Minnesota Ave, Kansas City, KS 66102, and may be reached by calling (913) 371-7000.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

What are the benefits of funeral pre-planning?

The biggest benefit is that it is easier on your family members, as they can carry out your wishes without having to worry about how to pay for everything. It also allows people to be more comfortable with what will happen during their funeral. Funeral pre-planning can also help you save money, as many funeral homes offer discounts for those who have pre-paid. Learn more about pre-planning.


Are Funeral Personalization services necessary?

No, they are not necessary. However, some people feel that it is important to have a personalized memorial of their loved one's life. In fact, many people who use the services of a funeral personalization service take this even further by having a unique funeral service that reflects the life of their loved one.


What is a grief support?

To support someone going through grief means to provide them with the help, encouragement, and guidance they need to cope. Grief support can be provided by a variety of people, including friends, family members, or a professional. There are many ways that a person experiencing grief may seek support depending on who is around them and how comfortable they feel talking about their feelings.

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